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School workshops

Depending on the number of experiments, classroom sessions take 50min to 2h, during which we do the following:

  • Introduction to offshore wind 

  • Build turbine in groups of 4

  • Indoor experiments using a big ventilator

  • Optional: go to the school playground and test it outside

  • Decommissioning

A regular session is run with 20-25 kids for kids ages 8 to 15. To book a school workshop, book a meeting with us 😊

The fundamentals 

In our educational program we cover the following classroom experiments 🧪

  • How many engineers teach kids in one session?
    Usually we organise classroom sessions with 20-25 kids. During one session the ideal amount of engineers teaching the kids is 2-3 engineers. In case there are 25 kids attending the workshop, the kids get divided into 5 groups of 5 kids. Each group will receive 1 Wind4Kids wind turbine with measurement equipment.
  • Can our employees organise a school workshop?
    Yes. There are two options: 1) We ship the Wind4Kids wind turbines with measurement equipment to your company and we give you remote support for the Wind Curriculum resources. 2) We organise a first school workshop together with one of the Wind4Kids employees traveling to the school and you buy the Wind4Kids wind turbines for later sessions.
  • How many sessions can be organised during 1 day?
    We try to fit as many workshops in a school day in discussion with the school. If we organise 2h sessions, we can normally have up to 3 sessions in a day. If it's 90minutes, we can have 4 sessions. In shorter 1-hour sessions, we can teach up to 7 of the classroom sessions in a day. Per session we teach max. 25 kids.
  • What are the practicalities needed to organise the session?
    We made a presentation of the practicalities. Click on the picture to open it:
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