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🇳🇱 Supported by the Brunel Foundation
🇧🇪 Supported by OPITO

🇩🇪/🇱🇺 Organised by German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation 

Co-funded by the European Union 🇪🇺

About Wind4Kids

Wind4Kids is a global educational program for schools. The program educates kids about the fundamentals of wind energy. We offer school workshops, teacher trainings and gear. All kids learn using the new Wind4Kids turbine with our measurement equipment! 💨⚡️

The fundamentals 

In our educational program we cover the following classroom experiments 🧪


School workshops

Depending on the number of experiments, classroom sessions take 50min to 2h, during which we do the following:

  • Introduction to wind energy 

  • Build turbine in groups of 4

  • Indoor experiments using a big ventilator

  • Optional: go to the school playground and test it outside

A regular session is run with 20-25 kids for kids ages 8 to 15. Check out our practical details presentation for more information. To book a school workshop, book a meeting with us 😊

Sam - Kameleon.jpg

“I really liked the wind turbine workshop at my school. I learned how to calculate the energy output of the wind. And the fact that we could also go outside with the turbines to do experiments was even more fun!”

Sam (9 years)


Teacher training

Wind4Kids offers teacher trainings so that wind energy professionals or teachers can teach the Wind Curriculum to school kids 👩‍🏫 We offer training directly at the school/office or remote by video call 🤙



We ship the new Wind4Kids turbines with measurement equipment globally 🌎 If you want to place an order, please visit this page 😊


If you want to support Wind4Kids, book a meeting with us 😊

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